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24 To Life

24 To Life

24 To Life
Regret Means How Sorry I Am
Think of Your Family Before You Commit A Crime
Going To Jail Angry Doesn't Help The Situation
Grandma Will Take Care of You While Mom Goes to Jail
How To Tell Your Child You Are Going To Jail
I Turned My Mom In. Now My Mom Turned Me In


Shadow Of Shame
Single mother Stephanie broke the trust of her entire family with her crime. Now, she has 24 hours to repair the relationships she destroyed.
Dealing With Demons
In her last 24 hours, 20-year-old Kayla, sentenced to jail, needs to find a way to secure her family's lives without her and seek forgiveness for her failures.
A Family Divided
Entrepreneur James overcame unconscionable childhood abuse before his past sins came back to haunt him. In his final 24 hours, he must convince his doubtful girlfriend to remain loyal.
Fall From Grace
Tina, a single mother of three, commits a crime and has only 24 hours left to ensure the safety and well-being of her three troubled children.
Desperate Measures
Former firefighter Ben destroyed his career after committing an unthinkable act. Now, he is faced with a mysterious illness that could put his life at risk.
Dangerous Games
Twenty-one-year-old Evan's dark past led to a crime that destroyed his family. In his final 24 hours, he must reconcile with the sister he devastated to reunite his broken family.
Born Behind Bars
Newly pregnant Cheyenne worries about the pre-natal care she will get in jail and must make the tough decision in choosing between her best pal or her mother to care for her newborn.
A Slap In The Face
After losing her family fortune, desperate measures caused Erika to commit a crime that incriminated her family. Now her siblings face jail time and Erika has 24 hours to save them.
Greed And Desperation
Kevin, an airline executive, and Kate, an executive assistant, who have been led astray by greed and desperation, have only 24 hours of freedom to reconcile with their kin.
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One Bad Choice
A recovering addict, who is a single mother, is compelled to give up custodianship of her daughter. A new mother with a wild past must part ways with her baby.
Final Forgiveness
Xyrjah, a young single mother who has committed a crime, and William, an accountant who suffered from addiction, have 24 hours of freedom to explain their actions to their kin.
Reckless Decisions
Melissa, a therapist who has committed a grisly crime, and Kayleen, a mother of four kids and a drug addict, have 24 hours of freedom to mend fences with their kith and kin.