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Born To Kill?
Saturdays 9.55PM SIN/HK

Born To Kill?

Born To Kill?
Serial Murderer in the Town of Truro in 1969
Charlene And Gerald Gallego
Gerald and Charlene Gallego, two American serial killers, murdered 10 people, mostly teenagers, after treating them as sex slaves. Learn whether they were born to murder.
Tony Chop Chop" Costa"
Tony Costa, a Massachusetts carpenter, killed a set of women in the 1960s in and around Truro and chopped his casualties into pieces. Learn whether he was born to kill.
Richard Cottingham
The series of murders of women committed by Richard Cottingham, an American computer operator, involved disjointing his casualties. Learn whether he was fated to become a killer.
Cleophus Prince Jnr
Cleophus Prince Jr, an ex-marine, was awarded the capital punishment in 1993 for the sexual assault and killing of six women in California in 1990. Learn what drove his criminality.
Robert Napper
Napper's shockingly savage serial murders of three women and a child in South East London left the nation in shock. He is infamously linked with the case of Rachel Nickell.
Levi Bellfield
The Bus Stop Killer, Levi Bellfield, targeted women using public transport in London and the surrounding areas, killing three females. He is suspected of many more attacks.
Sean Vincent Gillis
Sean Gillis callously took the lives of eight women in Louisiana in order to satisfy his sickening desire to manipulate their corpses, often keeping body parts as trophies.
Timothy Spencer
Women in Virginia were told to nail their windows shut in order to protect themselves from the Southside Strangler, Timothy Spencer who climbed in through windows to kill his victims.
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John Duffy And David Mulcahy
As John Duffy and David Mulcahy, childhood pals, got older, their common interests took a darker turn, resulting in brutal rapes and murders of women in the 1980s.
Fred Waterfield And David Gore
Cousins Waterfield and Gore hunted women in Vero Beach, Florida. Their perverse and violent acts resulted in the sex abuse and murder of six young women.
David Carpenter
Californian state parks became scenes of violence in 1979 and 1980 as convicted rapist David Carpenter took his crimes to a new diabolic level by brutally killing his victims.
Bobby Joe Long
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Donald Neilson
Donald Neilson, a self-employed jobbing builder obsessed with reliving his army days, planned his crimes with military precision, but, was he born to kill?
Thor Christiansen
From an early age, others had noticed a dark side to Thor's personality. Christiansen would take the lives of 4 women and unceremoniously dump their bodies. Was murder his destiny?
Dale Hausner & Samual Dietman
Dale Hausner proclaimed his name would become famous like Manson's. Had the desire for fame motivated these predatory crimes? Or were they just born to kill?
Peter Sutcliffe
Sutcliffe claimed to have been compelled to murder by the voice of God he originally heard during his job as a grave digger. Were his claims bogus? Or was he born to be a serial murderer?