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Escaping Polygamy
Saturdays 8.05PM SIN/HK

Escaping Polygamy

Escaping Polygamy
An Abusive Lifestyle
Fathers Wrath
When Jessica and Andrea left The Order they thought they would never see their family again, but when they receive a frantic call from their little sister Jennifer, the sisters rush to her aid.
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Not Without My Sister
The girls receive word that two sisters want to escape the FLDS polygamist. Leaving this secretive and closely watched society turns dangerous when the Bishop's office quickly catches on to their plan.
Crossing Enemy Lines (Part 1)
Daughter of notorious FLDS prophet, reaches out to Jessica and Amanda for their help in finding and rescuing her sister from a remote, hidden compound meant to conceal the leader's immediate family.
Crossing Enemy Lines (Part 2)
They try again to get Rachel's sister away from the cult. Time starts running out when a massive snowstorm hits the area and the girls realize the compound's watchtower might have spotted them.
Trouble For Mom
Amanda's younger brother, Eskel, wants to leave The Order because he refuses to live a polygamist lifestyle but their mother figures out his intentions and confronts him with an emotional plea to stay.
Not Without My Daughter
A young mother still inside the FLDS polygamous cult, is in an abusive situation and needs help but won't leave without her daughter, who was taken and hidden from her by members of the church.
Fight Like A Mother
Lorie can no longer stay trapped in The Order but getting the wife of an influential Order man out is a challenge as her home is surrounded by Order members tasked to keep watch over her day and night.
The Cost Of Temptation
Two of Jessica and Shanell's siblings are being lured back to The Order by their father, Daniel.
Honor Thy Father
A former Order member reaches out to Jessica and Kollene fearing that the life of her elderly father, Fred Kingston, is in danger under The Order's watch.
The Insider
The Insider sends the sisters a tip that federal agents are targeting The Order, and later sends a desperate plea for help when they suspect leaders have figured out their identity.
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Leah / Hannah
This is the dramatic work of sisters who escaped from the polygamous cult and now help other young men, women and children to escape, preferring to face hell than spend another day inside.
The girls face a challenge when one of their sisters, Melanie, contacts them about needing to leave the Order and the escape attempt must happen amid a chaotic and violent backdrop.
Shanell's aunt Kathy has decided to leave the Order after having raised sixteen children under the umbrella of the notorious cult and wants to get her family into hiding as quickly as possible.
Rachel, is in desperate need of breaking free from the Order but she is torn between leaving other brothers and sisters behind and losing her mother's love along the way.
A 17-year-old girl must flee from the clutches of polygamy and Utah's runaway laws. Having unsuccessfully attempted to escape before, she cannot risk getting caught by Order members or law enforcement.
Little Sister
Shanell receives a letter from her fourteen-year-old half-sister crying out for help and threatening suicide. The sister is struggling with her life inside the Order and desperately wants out by any means.
The girls learn of a girl needing their help to escape from the notorious FLDS. They are familiar with the cult's principles, practices and infamous prophet Warren Jeffs but are far away from home.