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The Haunting Of
Thursdays 10.50Pm SIN/HK

The Haunting Of

The Haunting Of
Are The Dead Trying To Communicate?
Meatloaf returns to the famous Bearsville, NY recording studios, where he recorded his best-selling album 'Bat Out Of Hell', to confront the ghostly encounter that has haunted him for decades.
World famous singer-songwriter Kesha revisits the Texas bed and breakfast, where she encountered a paranormal apparition that was so torturing and disturbing that it haunts her to the day.
Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson returns to the remote mountain lodge in Arizona where he and his family encountered a terrifying supernatural force during the promotion of the original 'Ghostbusters' movie.
Morgan Fairchild
Actress and glamour icon Morgan Fairchild seeks closure on the haunting events, both real and paranormal, that drove her from her ex-husband's home in Dallas more than 40 years ago.
Kevin Sorbo
Legendary actor Kevin Sorbo returns to an idyllic lake in Texas where he encountered a ghostly apparition so disturbing it haunts him to this day.
Charisma Carpenter
Well-loved actress Charisma Carpenter returns to her childhood home in Las Vegas where she was terrorized by an unknown entity for years.
Eric Balfour
With psychic medium, Kim Russo, Actor and musician Eric Balfour and his friends explore the depths of a decrepit space and uncover the true nature of what lies within.
Eric Roberts
Psychic medium Kim Russo prolific film star visits Eric Roberts at his home to investigate an apparition he sees there and reveal the power of his psychic abilities.
With the help of psychic medium Kim Russo, hip-hop artist Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins uncovers the horrific story of the entities in the California condo where paranormal activity drove her away.
Audrina Patridge
Reality star and host Audrina Patridge returns to a historic pub in Chicago with psychic Kim Russo, where she was accosted by an angry spirit. Their journey takes an unexpected turn.
Margaret Cho
Comedian and actress Margaret Cho returns to the house in Peachtree, Georgia, where she experienced such a terrifying and violent energy that the memory continues to haunt her even today.
Orlando Jones
Actor Orlando Jones revisits the North Carolina hotel where he had a paranormal experience so frightening that it forced him to flee in the middle of the night.
Patti Stanger
Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger reluctantly returns to her former dream home in Marina Del Rey where she was attacked in her bed by an aggressive spirit.
Karina Smirnoff
Psychic medium Kim Russo helps 'Dancing With The Stars' choreographer Karina Smirnoff confront the ghosts that are terrorizing her family in their Woodland Hills, California, home.
Melody Thomas Scott
'The Young and the Restless' actress Melody Thomas Scott returns to the home in Sherman Oaks, California, she fled decades ago after a face-to-face meeting with a desperate spirit.
Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson fears that there are spirits in his California home tormenting his children. With psychic medium Kim Russo's help, they uncover an even graver situation.
Music Mogul and rapper T-Pain seeks psychic medium Kim Russo's help in uncovering what is causing the terrifying paranormal activity in his family's home in Roswell, Georgia.
Travis Tritt
Country music legend Travis Tritt is living in fear of the inexplicable paranormal experiences he is having at his lakeside cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.
Harry Lennix
Actor Harry Lennix returns to a haunted hotel in Arkansas where he experienced a terrifying supernatural possession leaving him in fear for his life.
Alysia Reine
Actress Alysia Reiner, of 'Orange Is The New Black' fame, begs for psychic medium Kim Russo's help in confronting spirits in her Harlem brownstone that are terrorising her young daughter.
Carole Radziwill
Author Carole Radziwill returns to the Hamptons beach home in New York where she once faced a ghostly presence. Psychic medium Kim Russo helps her.
Johnathan Schaech
Actor Johnathon Schaech anxiously returns to an old theatre in Austin, Texas, where he had a harrowing and life-changing paranormal experience. Psychic medium Kim Russo helps him.
Greg Grunberg
Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity, Alias) seeks out the help of psychic medium Kim Russo to help him find the meaning behind an apparition that's haunted him for two years.
Illeana Douglas
Actress Illeana Douglas (Goodfellas, Six Feet Under, Entourage) wants to know who or what was behind the paranormal encounters she had at her former apartment in New York City.
Jordan Ladd
Actress Jordan Ladd (Cabin Fever, Grindhouse) anxiously returns to an old mansion in New Jersey where she once encountered a ghost as it was watching her sleep.
Richard Burgi
Actor Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives) returns to his childhood home in New Jersey, where he and other family members encountered the paranormal. Richard may have a psychic gift of his own.
Tatum O'neal
Academy award-winning actress Tatum O'Neal (Paper Moon, The Bad New Bears, Rescue Me) revisits the Brooklyn townhouse where she had a life changing paranormal experience.
Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson (The Girls Next Door, Kendra on Top) is desperate to know what or who was behind the paranormal encounters she had at her former home in Pasadena, CA.
Jonathan Bennett
Actor Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, All My Children) has been sensing a dark spirit in his new home, where all of his electronics seem to have minds of their own.
Diane Farr
Actress Diane Farr (Numb3rs, Private Practice) fears that a ghost is causing unexplained havoc in her California home.
Anthony Michael Hall
Actor Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club) seeks the help of medium Kim Russo to find out the meaning behind a frightening paranormal experience he had at a Hollywood Hotel 30 years ago.
Johnny Weir
Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir finally crosses the threshold of the ominous brick building that has petrified him since his childhood in Pennsylvania.
Joanna Cassidy
Actress Joanna Cassidy seeks out the help of psychic medium Kim Russo to find out who has been haunting her 1800s-era home in Natchitoches.
Lou Gossett Jr.
Louis Gossett Jr returns to a hotel in Louisiana where angry spirits surrounded him over 30 years ago.
Loni Love
Comedian Loni Love returns to a hotel in Winston-Salem, where she once fled in terror. She explores the hotel with psychic medium Kim Russo and confronts the ghosts trapped within.
Vanessa Williams
Kim visits Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty) and discovers that the escalating paranormal encounters she's experiencing are being caused by two entities who met tragic deaths.
Vince Neil
Vince Neil returns to the home where he last came into contact with the spirit of his four-year old daughter and the journey becomes an emotional roller coaster.
Brett Cullen
Brett Cullen (The Dark Knight Rises) discovers the meaning behind the ghostly experiences and the truth about his connection with the other side.
Wayne Newton
Wayne Newtown (Mr. Las Vegas) revisits the theatre in Las Vegas where he encountered the ghost of his famous friend and psychic medium Kim Russo is unable to hold back her own emotions.
Dot Jones
Dot Jones (Glee) has been haunted by paranormal experiences that began in her childhood home. Dot seeks Psychic Medium, Kim Russo's help in identifying why paranormal phenomena continues to haunt her.
Joe Pantoliano
Joe Pantoliano (Matrix) returns to the site of the paranormal experience he and his girlfriend had in a hotel. Joe, together with Kim Russo, explore the haunted hallways and uncover the spirits.
Michael Madsen
Actor Michael Madsen (Kill Bill) and Kim Russo explore the seen and unseen history of a turn-of-the-century hotel, and learns that Michael's experience was more than just a coincidental encounter.
Valerie Harper
Fifty years after her life-altering paranormal experience, Valerie Harper (Rhoda) returns to the NYC apartment where she came face to face with the spirit of a woman.
Chris McDonald
Christopher McDonald (Boardwalk Empire) and Kim Russo travel to Christopher's adolescent home to help Chris understand the spirit world and his brush with death.
Linda Dano
Psychic Medium Kim Russo visits the home of Actress Linda Dano (Another World) and finally discovers who has been haunting her 18th century house for the past two decades.
Tom Green
The Haunting Of will feature an "on location" in-depth investigative exploration of a celebrities paranormal experience with the goal of providing closure to their story.
Jesse Metcalfe
The Haunting Of will feature an "on location" in-depth investigative exploration of a celebrities paranormal experience with the goal of providing closure to their story.
Billy Ray Cyrus
Through Kim, Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus uncovers the true identity of the ghost he experienced in a plantation and a shocking revelation as to why he's always been drawn to this place.
Kristen Renton
Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy / Days of Our Lives) comes back to Queen Mary, one of the most haunted ships in America, where she was once chased by a ghost, to face her fears.
Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell ('Doc' on The Love Boat) goes back to the hotel in Niagra Falls, where he came eye to eye with a bloody ghost, to come to terms with some of his own personal challenges.
Charles Shaughnessy
Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny / Days of Our Lives) stands up to his boyhood fears and returns to a legendary 16th century English castle where he had a supernatural experience as a child.
Carnie Wilson
Carnie Wilson (The Carnie Wilson Show, Wilson Phillips) travels to find out about her ghostly encounter and uncovers a shocking secret that changed her life forever.
Jack Blades
Jack Blades (Night Ranger) returns to the site of the paranormal experience he had at his cousin's residence and uncovers who the spirits were that had him run from the property nine years earlier.
Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers (All in the Family) shared her former home with a ghost for many years. Traumatized by the experience, she returns with Kim in the hopes to uncover the secrets behind the restless soul(s).
Patrick Muldoon
Patrick Muldoon (Melrose Place, Starship Troopers) revisits his worst fears when he returns to the inn in Charleston, SC, where he was once attacked by an evil entity.
Kim Carnes
Kim Carnes (Betty Davis Eyes) returns to her former residence. Together with Kim Russo, she discovers the terrifying secrets hidden in the house and tries to come to terms with them.
D.B. Sweeney
Actor D.B. Sweeney (Eight Men Out / Cutting Edge) goes back to the haunted motel where he had an experience with an evil entity to seek out the truth about the ghosts and unearths a surprising connection.
While exploring CoCo Austin's former house and its assembled spirits, Kim provides her with the tools necessary to finally sever ties with the unwanted suitor from the other side.
Shirley Jones
Nearly 40 years after being chased out of a house by 'unexplained' experiences, Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family / Oklahoma) revisits her former residence in upstate New York.
Pennhurst Revisited
Kim has an attached entity that has been adversely affecting her life. Kim and team figures who this unseen force is, what they want and try to release it before more danger comes.