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My Crazy Ex
Sundays 9PM SIN/HK

My Crazy Ex

My Crazy Ex
Nice Guy, Too Perfect, Different, Crazy
Freaky Males
A woman starts dating a bad-boy tattoo artist who claims he is seeking to alter his life. A local weatherman commences dating a fan with ulterior motives.
Gimmicks, Mimics, And Academics
A writing student clandestinely begins dating the teacher's assistant. A young actress begins a relationship with a famous director.
Desperate Measures, Secret Pleasures & B
Take a look at a re-enactment of love stories which start happily and blossom, only to eventually spiral out of control and reach a state where the partners desperately seek to terminate the bond.
Deceptions, Receptions & Infections
Rude Dummies, Ripped Tummies And Lyin Hu
A girl sees a perverted side of her boyfriend when she motivates him to become a ventriloquist. A man is happy to date his Dating Coach until a discovery.
Illusions, Invasions & Implosions
After discovering he is related to Harry Houdini, a woman's accident-prone, delusional boyfriend attempts a second career as an escape artist.
Super Fans And Alien Shams
A man claims he was abducted by aliens. His girlfriend hopes to just move past the encounter. But when he prepares for an alien invasion, she's unsure they can be together.
False Starts, And Broken Hearts
Sparks fly when two childhood classmates reunite until everything crashes and burns. After swearing off men, an independent woman meets a sexy mystery man.
Panting, Primping And Probing
When her modest boyfriend suddenly gets modelling aspirations, a woman is shocked to see just how far he is now willing to go for fame.
Fake Names, Freaky Dames & Video Games
When a hopeless romantic discovers an exotic woman in trouble, he decides to help, but he soon learns there is a dark side to her past.
Unlucky Break& Wedding Cakes
A guy agrees to go to a wedding with his ex, but no good deed goes unpunished as the weekend turns into a fight for his life.
Incriminating & Escalating
When a man decides to change careers from lab tech to private eye, his girlfriend discovers that his sudden success hides a sinister secret.
Aspiring Desiring And Misfiring
A woman decides to let a close friend sleep with her husband to try and get pregnant. But the guy soon suspects her friend might have ulterior motives.
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Bad Blood, Bad Timing, Bad Karma
Once a couple discovers that their two families have been engaged in an age-old feud, the man becomes the target of his girlfriend's retribution.
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Hidden Cams
A man, seduced by his maid, realises that she is utilising her cleaning duties for some rotten work. A woman, who dates her ride-share driver, soon finds his motives fishy.
Falsifying, Mortifying & Electrifying
As a struggling author becomes obsessed with breaking a world record, his girlfriend endeavours to restrain him before he goes out of control.
Compulsions, Confessions & Obsessions
A man introduces his girlfriend to his favourite sci-fi TV show. Her infatuation rapidly turns into a perilous obsession.
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Fumigated, Manipulated, And Inseminated
A geeky guy has a beautiful girlfriend, who, however, is in possession of an ulterior motive. A woman's fiance deems he can converse with dead people.
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Mortified, Terrified, & Stupefied
A young duo deems that their new house is haunted. A woman's boyfriend pledges to shut down a disruptive sorority that moves in next door.
Renegades, Escapades & Masquerades
A high-powered attorney's 'interoffice' romance takes a turn for the worse. A woman is smitten with a party boy.
My Crazy Ex
Samantha wants to apologize to her sister but wonders how much paper it takes to giftwrap her makeup present (a new boyfriend).
Seething, Thieving & Teething
Fix up leads to break up when an industrious couple's remodel demolishes their relationship. A waitress throws the baby out with the bathwater when she discovers her boyfriend's secret.
Crackpots, Jackpots & Flower Pots
A community organizer turns fist-fighting warrior for the love of a woman. An unsuspecting woman believes she's hit the jackpot with her entrepreneur boyfriend.
Exposed, De-Clothed & Seriously Hosed
Social media circles its wagons against a man on the wrong side of a breakup. A frequent flyer takes a turbulent ride with a tyrannical flight attendant.
Scrooged, Used & Abused
Samantha wants to apologize to her sister but wonders how much paper it takes to giftwrap her makeup present (a new boyfriend).
Sexed, Perplexed And Unfortunate Texts
Accidentally crashing a costume party unmasks a couple's hidden issues. A man falls for a food truck owner on a crash course for Crazy town. The office beauty mysteriously falls for the nerdy IT guy.
Psychotic, Neurotic And Auto Erotic
A trusting woman gets taken for the ride of her life by a freaky admirer. A woman starts dating an advocate for the disabled, only to realize he's hiding a dark secret.
Vexed, Sexed & Artfully Sexed
A woman desperately tries to save her relationship when a psychic predicts it will end badly. A woman falls for a starving artist, but begins to suspect he might actually be a con artist.
Camera Plants, Patriotic Rants And Yoga
A woman's plan to make her boyfriend more assertive backfires in a blaze of glory. A woman thinks she's dating a U.S. soldier, but when he starts behaving strangely, she wonders if he may have gone rogue.
Sitting, Squating And Plotting
A man suspects his new pastry chef girlfriend is actually filling her baked goods with something illegal. A woman who falls for one of their donors discovers he's hiding something big.
Sexy Props
A government employee with top-secret info questions his Russian-speaking girlfriend's mysterious motives.
Impersonating Humiliating And Vibrating
When a guy breaks up with a girl who's father appears to be 'connected' to the mob, he experiences the terror that comes with crossing the wrong 'Family'.
Oddballs Pitfalls & Gutter Balls
An competitive woman reveals the ugly side of bowling, and her new boyfriend takes the fall. A woman on the rebound thinks she's finally found a simple man, but he reveals a very complicated past.
Covered, Conned And Cloned
A handyman's fetish puts a dangerously public spin on a relationship. A romance kindled leads to an unhealthy turn for man and pooch alike. Two best friends fall for brothers with serious baggage.
Clocking In & Freaking Out
A slacker salesman falls for a beautiful co-worker with high expectations. A newly single woman falls for a neighbor with an unnatural obsession.
Shocked, Rocked And Spooked
A clueless bartender is outmatched by a deranged customer who refuses to take no for an answer. A wife's thoughtful gift rocks her marriage. A single guy falls for a gamer girl with a penchant for pain.
Duped, Doped And Delirious
A woman refuses to accept that her recent ex is terrorizing her. A woman tries to smoke out the truth about her mysterious old flame.
Prisons, Pros And Princes
A newly single man becomes a prisoner of love. A husband learns his librarian wife might be checking out more than just books. A bachelorette finds dating a prince a royal pain.
Sex, Laws And Medical Tape
An old college flame's reappearance heats things up for a married couple. An average guy feels the sting of his pain-obsessed girlfriend. A construction worker gives new meaning to the term "love hurts".
Slander, Dander And Pander
A businesswoman's world is rocked when she hires the former high school jock. A woman's new boyfriend hides a wild obsession. A single woman finally meets her match.
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Deranged, Changed And Arranged
A woman falls for a guy with a frightening obsession. A barista's new girlfriend grinds him into something new. A woman falls for a family man, in the truest sense of the word.
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