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Robbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence
Saturdays 9.55PM SIN/HK

Robbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence

Robbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence
Murder By Mail
A parcel bomb is sent to a grandmother. Investigators piece the tiny fragments of bomb back together in the hope that it might give them a shard of critical evidence.
The Hitman And The Hairdresser
A 29-year-old hairdresser was found brutally stabbed on her doorstep in a quiet suburban street of London. Host Robbie Coltrane sheds light on the probe.
DNA Of A Murder
Hilda Murrell, a 78-year-old distinguished rose grower, was found dead in woodland near her home town. A cold-case review 19 years later divulged the killer.
The Body In The Suitcase
A human torso is discovered in a suitcase by maintenance workers in a Birmingham canal. Detectives are baffled as there is no DNA and no other body parts.
Bodies Of Evidence
In November 1993, Derek and Eileen Severs disappeared without a word. When cops talked to their son Roger, he insisted they were on holiday. But there was no evidence of this.
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