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Generic Synopsis

Elizabeth Vargas, alongside former members of controversial organisations, goes on a search to uncover how these sects use their influence to prey upon people’s desperation to create powerful and often destructive belief systems. Each episode of Cults And Extreme Belief S1 will take an immersive look at one currently active group through the eyes of past devotees and get perspective from believers and leaders that are still inside. Cults And Extreme Belief S1 premieres 18 November 8.05pm (SIN/HK), 7.05pm (JKT/BKK).

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: NXIVM
18 November, Sunday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
As a recruiter for multi-level marketing self-help group NXIVM, Sarah Edmondson brought thousands of people to the organisation. In October of 2017, she exposed the group as a destructive sex-cult and is now doing everything in her power to support the criminal prosecution of the cult's leader, Keith Raniere.

Episode 2: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: Twelve Tribes
19 November, Monday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Despite their hippie persona and rustic community businesses, The Twelve Tribes have long stood accused of physically abusing children and subjugating of women. Now disconnected from her family, ex-member Samie Brosseau, works to expose the Twelve Tribes’ abusive practices today.

Episode 3: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: Jehovah’s Witness
19 November, Monday 9pm (SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Former Jehovah's Witness Romy Maple–a survivor of child sexual abuse–embarks on a journey to uncover why her pleas for justice were systematically ignored by top members of the organization.

Episode 4: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: U.N.O.I.
20 November, Tuesday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Growing up in the United Nation of Islam (UNOI), Elijah Muhammad was forced into child labour, physical abuse and squalid living conditions. Today, he has a unique opportunity to speak to the FBI in hopes of getting justice for himself and the other children abused by UNOI and its leader, Royall Jenkins' teachings.

Episode 5: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: Children Of God
20 November, Tuesday 9pm (SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Amy Bril recounts her childhood growing up in the Children of God, a group notorious for paedophilia and "religious" prostitution. Amy and others born and raised in the group are banding together to address a suicide epidemic among fellow survivors.

Episode 6: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: World Peace Unification Sanctuary
21 November, Wednesday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Former "Moonie," Teddy Hose, tries to alert the public to a gun-obsessed Unification Church offshoot known as The Sanctuary Church of Newfoundland, PA. Sean Moon, the charismatic leader and a son of the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon, preaches an extreme gospel featuring his father as "returning Jesus" and guns at the centre of worship.

Episode 7: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: FLDS
21 November, Wednesday 9pm (SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Many believed that when Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison for child sexual assault, the problems within the FLDS community would be solved–the group would disperse and members would wake up and leave the church. However, when Jeffs was locked away, it left devoted FLDS followers like Norma Richter to face a subsequent humanitarian crisis alone and forced to fend for themselves in a world they were once taught to fear.

Episode 8: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: The Survivors Speak Part 1
22 November, Thursday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Former members of different groups meet to discuss their shared experiences with Elizabeth Vargas.

Episode 9: Cults and Extreme Belief S1: The Survivors Speak Part 2
22 November, Thursday 9pm ¬(SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Former members of different groups meet to discuss their shared experiences with Elizabeth Vargas.


Elizabeth Vargas – Host

Emmy Award-winning journalist Elizabeth Vargas has travelled the world covering breaking news stories, reporting in-depth investigations, and conducting newsmaker interviews. She most recently co-hosted the hit newsmagazine show "20/20" and previously served as co-anchor of "World News Tonight,". She was also the news anchor and frequent co-host on "Good Morning America,” and "Primetime Thursday," and co-anchor of "Primetime Monday." Her story on the hero NICU nurses of Hurricane Sandy was part of the ABC News' Peabody Award winning coverage.
Vargas graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia and is the author of "Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction" released in 2016.