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Generic Synopsis

This season on Escaping Polygamy, Andrea, Jessica and Shanell, three sisters who escaped the grip of polygamy as teenagers and have devoted their lives to helping others get out, delve back into the dangerous polygamous world to help more people leave. Their mission is now more challenging than ever, since so many polygamous cults are aware of girls' efforts and in response, have tightened the hold they have on their followers. Nonetheless, requests for the girls' help continue to come in. This mission is one of many this season that once again exposes the dark and treacherous reality of polygamy. Escaping Polygamy S3 airs 23 November, 8.05pm (SIN/HK), 7.05pm (JKT/BKK).

Episodic Synopsis

Episode1: Escaping Polygamy S3: Give Me Back My Daughters Pt 1
23 November, Friday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Jessica and Kollene must brave the threatening FLDS town of Colorado City, AZ when Suzette, a mother who escaped the infamous polygamist cult, reaches out for help to save the two daughters she left behind. After a cult insider reveals the eldest daughter's secret location, group members become suspicious as the team races against the clock in a risky, near-impossible mission to reunite a mother with her daughter.

Episode 2: Escaping Polygamy S3: Give Me Back My Daughters Pt 2
23 November, Friday 9pm (SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Jessica and Kollene continue the dangerous mission of helping Suzette find her daughter, Rosie, who years ago chose the religion over her very own mother. Complications develop when they realize Suzette's manipulative and potentially violent sister-wife is guarding Rosie's every move. Meanwhile, Jessica takes a public and political stance against polygamy in a controversial hearing before Utah legislature.

Episode 3: Escaping Polygamy S3: The Prophet’s Son
24 November, Saturday 8.05pm (SIN/HK) 7.05pm (JKT/BKK)
Jessica meets with Raymond Jeffs, son of Warren Jeffs, the notorious leader and prophet of the FLDS polygamist cult. Raymond pleads for their help getting his only brother, Isaac, out of the group. The team quickly discovers the prophet's son is being closely monitored by a group of FLDS men who are taught to fight outsiders at all costs, and tensions flare when the plan to break him out is exposed.

Episode 4: Escaping Polygamy S3: Family Under Fire
24 November, Saturday 9pm (SIN/HK) 8pm (JKT/BKK)
Jessica and Andrea receive word from Jesse, a father desperate to escape the polygamous group known as the AUB--a group that all but forces their members into a life of polygamy. As Jesse and his family try to escape, an explosive secret about Jesse's dark past in the group is revealed and puts the entire team in danger. Suddenly everyone not only fears for the success of the mission, but they fear for their lives.


Jessica Christensen

At 29 years old, Jessica is the oldest of 12 children to Daniel Kingston and his sixth wife, Heidi Mattingly Foster, who today still belong to the polygamous group known as The Order. At the young age of 14, she was courted by her 42-year-old uncle to become his third wife. Before Jessica was officially engaged to her uncle, she managed to run away with her younger sister, Andrea, with the help of her aunt. It was eventually determined their parents were unfit to raise them and Jessica was adopted. She has since had to change her name a number of times in order to escape retaliation from the group, which she claims relies on harassment and intimidation techniques.

Andrea Brewer

Twenty-seven-year-old Andrea is the third of 12 children to Daniel Kingston and his sixth wife, Heidi Mattingly Foster, who today still belong to the polygamous group known as The Order.
Like many of the children and wives in The Order, Andrea was forced to work for the church members’ businesses, essentially without pay, from the age of nine. Cleaning offices, she was instead paid in ‘units’: a currency that is used in the businesses throughout the church, though you are forced to provide a reason before you may use it.

Shanell DeRieux

Twenty-eight-year-old Shanell is second of twelve children to Daniel Kingston and his seventh wife, Shirley Snow. At 18 years old, Shanell was in a verbally and physically abusive marriage to one of her first cousins. Two years into the marriage, she made the brave decision to leave polygamy and her husband. Following her escape, she was shunned by Daniel and The Order but has received full support from her mother Shirley. Along with her half-sisters Andrea and Jessica, Shanell has spent the last few years helping others escape polygamy. Today, Shanell is remarried and has three daughters.