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Generic Synopsis

In 1993, Mt. Carmel Ranch outside Waco, Texas, was the site of the deadliest siege in American history. Just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the Waco tragedy, Waco: Madman or Messiah will combine interviews with survivors on location at Mt. Carmel Ranch, some of whom have never spoken publicly before, as well as family, friends, and key ATF/FBI officers, along with cinematic reconstructions in the style of Raw's "The Imposter." Waco: Madman Or Messiah airs 22 November 9.55pm (SIN/HK), 8.55pm (JKT/BKK).

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1 - Waco: Madman Or Messiah Part 1
22 November, Thursday 9.55pm (SIN/HK) 8.55pm (JKT/BKK)
Followers from around the world travel to Mount Carmel to hear the preaching of David Koresh, a local Texas working-class kid turned prophet of God and leader of the religious group: The Branch Davidians. But as Koresh's teachings become more and more apocalyptic, members of the group question his motives. Matters come to a head when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, believing the group is stockpiling weapons, decides to raid the compound.

Episode 2 - Waco: Madman Or Messiah Part 2
23 November, Friday 9.55pm (SIN/HK) 8.55pm JKT/BKK)
The raid of Mount Carmel develops into a 51-day stand-off between the Branch Davidians and the FBI. A direct line of communication is established between FBI negotiators and David Koresh on the inside. While army tanks and snipers set up outside, negotiators plead with Koresh to release the women and children inside the compound and surrender himself to authorities. On April 19, a frustrated FBI starts inserting tear gas into the building with tanks. A fire develops, and fanned by high-winds, devours the structure and everyone inside.