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Undercover Asia
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Undercover Asia

Undercover Asia
Sometimes In Life, You Don't Get To Choose
Children Of The Cybersex Dens
Follow the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation as its officers enter the depraved world of cyber sex paedophilia in the Philippines to hunt down those dens.
Witch-Hunt Diaries
In the tribal belts of India's north-eastern region, a 48-year-old widow is branded a witch and brutally lynched by her own people.
Maids Enslaved
Human rights activist Rakesh Senger is on a mission to save girls caught in domestic servitude. The film, 'Maids Enslaved', reveals multiple fronts leading to maid exploitation.
Womb For Hire
Surrogacy is banned in China. Yet it is an unstoppable grey market there without legal protection for parents and surrogates. Investigators take a look at the lure of the baby business.
Lost Children Of Kasur
Learn about Pakistan's biggest child sex scandal, a syndicate producing and distributing illicit videos of kids being drugged and sexually abused in the village of Kasur.
Botched Beauty
Seoul is the plastic surgery capital of the world. But botched surgeries in Korea are increasing at 15% annually. Most are Chinese women who accuse the clinics of unethical practices.
Murder In Paradise
Two Burmese migrant workers are on trial for British backpackers Hannah and David's murders, amid accusations of evidence mishandling, witness intimidation and coerced confessions.
Sextortion Suicide
Tragedy struck when 17-year old Daniel Perry committed suicide after falling prey to a new kind of cybercrime: sextortion. Men all over the world are being duped due to this crime.
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Chained In Debt
Pakistan is home to the third largest population in debt bondage, most belonging to marginalized religious minorities.
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North Korean Slaves
More than 50,000 North Korean men and women are being used like slaves in 40 countries. Most of their salary is stolen from them to keep the Supreme Leader in power.
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  • Saturday,30 Sep, 2017 - 21:55
  • Sunday,1 Oct, 2017 - 04:25
Cambodia's Child Predators
Orphanages in Cambodia are big business. Some hide behind the veil of doing good only to do grave harm to the poorest and most vulnerable children is the ultimate betrayal.
Secrets Of A Killer Virus
Saudi Arabia - the breeding ground for a deadly new virus. Four times more deadly than SARS, this new killer is on the brink of a global pandemic. Will scientists be able to discover the secrets of MERS?
The Organ Bazaar
A human organ is sold on the global black market every hour. This illegal organ trade is worth up to $1.2 billion US dollars a year. In this episode, we journey to Manila to investigate this secret trade.
Black Lungs
Pneumoconiosis or black lung disease is the worst occupational disease to plague China. 10,000 new cases are diagnosed every year and all they can wait for is a slow and painful death.
Between Two Worlds
Myanmar's friendless Rohingya people live in misery. We take a look at government's strict conditions and speak to Rohingya who would rather risk their lives and flee.
Voices Under The Mango Tree
Two teenage cousins are found hanging from a mango tree. The parents allege a brutal caste crime where the girls were raped and murdered but the truth leads to a classic murder mystery.
Web Junkies
Millions diagnosed with Internet Addiction Disorder are forced into rehabilitation centres without scientific basis. There are increasing numbers of deaths in these centres, so what is their real motive?
Bargain Brides
The documentary opens the door to the complex issue of women trafficking from Vietnam to China.
Prison Drug Lords
Drug lords rules the roost at the New Bilibid Prison. A 300 strong multi-agency taskforce assemble outside the prison for a massive raid but they're not prepared for what they are about to discover.
Chained Insanity
The island paradise of Bali holds on to a dark secret. The mentally ill are being chained up and held in wooden stocks by their own families in a practice known as Pasung.
Freedom Or Death
Asylum seekers risk their lives to reach Australia. We reveal the true conditions faced by asylum seekers by filming undercover at the centres in Jakarta and Medan.
Manila's Secret Abortionists
Over a thousand women die from illegal abortions in the Philippines every year. In this episode, we investigate the backstreet clinics and illegal abortion drugs that are killing Filipino women.
Saving Suicide Forest
The Aokigahara forest is Japan's suicide hotspot. Each year the authorities remove as many as 100 bodies found hanging on the trees here. How does the town of Yamanashi cope with this death toll?
Invisible Children
70000 children disappear in China yearly, falling prey to human traffickers. Now one man known as Zai Zai is helping parents find their loved ones.
Suicide Nation
Every two minutes, someone in China kills themself. Suicides in this economic juggernaut account for 26% of suicides worldwide. What drives the Chinese to kill themselves?
Treatment Or Torture?
So-called 'Drug Treatment Centres' in Cambodia provide 'rehab' to addicts but it has been alleged that many people held inside do not have a drug problem. What is the government really using them for?
Myanmar's Aids Crisis
HIV-related illnesses and AIDs are the leading causes of death in Myanmar. Now, Undercover Asia enters a country in transition, to meet those struggling to stay alive and solve this growing AIDS crisis.